A New Music Company



Funnel is a smart & financially efficient way of recording, releasing & marketing music

Our ‘Shared Outcome Agreement’ helps reduce costs associated with early stage development without reducing the quality.
In return for reduced rates, professionals, from producers to PR teams are enjoying a share of Funnel’s profits made from recording, publishing and ancillaries.

The Golden Dregs



Funnel is a professional community and marketplace

Through Funnel’s digital platform, professionals are invited to find new projects and invest their time in artists. In return for reducing their ‘normal’ fee professionals get a share of Funnel’s profit from the project. Professionals who commit to early stage acts will receive a 'carried interest' in future projects with the artists, regardless of whether they are directly involved or not.




Funnel aids artist development

Artist development is a core of Funnel Music. We believe in responsible development which increases the ability of a career in the music industry for artists. Our Shared Outcome Agreement allows fast recoup therefore de-risking early-stage artist releases, thus allowing the artist time to develop.




Funnel has its own unique live circuit

Funnel’s live circuit allows artists to start developing a live following in award-winning indie venues. Billed as main support alleviates the pressure of selling tickets while also getting them on the radar of some of the best promoters across the UK.




Funnel empowers managers

At the heart of Funnel are the artists & their managers. With every release campaign the manager is the driving force behind it and therefore Funnel does everything in its power to help empower and support them. 

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